Fit 2B Wed

4 Week Fat Burning Wedding Bootcamp

The big day is coming…are you ready to look fantastic and feel great?


Everything you need in ONE program…

Most diet or fitness programs are one-sided. They either focus mainly on exercise routines or they focus on diet only. Not only does the Fit 2B Wed program combine both diet and exercise, but we’ve also  included nutritious recipes as well as keeping everything tailored for YOU.

Why it works…

As you know, when it comes to looking great and getting your body ready for the big wedding day, there are TWO vital components that must be addressed: FITNESS and DIET

It really is that simple, however, the problem most women discover is that they need help with:

  • What they should be eating
  • What they should be doing for exercise

And that’s where we come in!

What does the program include?

  • HIIT cardio workouts
  • Strength training
  • Amazing meal plans
  • Tasty and healthy recipes including gluten-free options!

Why is this for you?

You’re here because either you’re a bride-to-be or a bridesmaid who’s going to be in an upcoming wedding very soon. But not only that, you may be a bit concerned about fitting into your lovely dress and also feeling confident about it. The clock is ticking, and NOW is the time for you to start slimming down your body by toning up and eating right.

In the Fit 2B Wed program, we’ve created a powerful 4-week course that will get you ready for the big day, and help you look simply beautiful in your dress and feel great from the inside out as well!

Check out a sample workout and meal plan:






When you incorporate all of these vital components over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll begin to see AMAZING CHANGES not only with your body, but also your confidence and self-esteem. You’ll be shocked at how fast you can drop the extra weight and tone up the healthy and fit way! 

And the great news is you can have INSTANT ACCESS to the entire Fit 2B Wed Program. The entire program can be downloaded right now so you can get started!

Are you ready to tone up and look

beautiful on your wedding day?


Click the Buy Now button to get the program for just $99!
Program for those without sensitivity to gluten
Program with gluten-free recipes!


What are participants saying about Fit 2B Wed?


lost 8lbs and 6.75 inches

“It was a good program. Everything was laid out which made it a lot easier to stick to and not have to guess what to eat. It helped me be better prepared for my meals, especially breakfast and lunch. Having a busy lifestyle, this definitely helped having my meals planned out for me! That took a lot of stress off the whole program!”

Steph before Fit 2B WedSteph after Fit 2B Wed

lost 7lbs and 4.25 inches

“It was easy to follow, but the workout was difficult. Definitely felt it every time! The recipes and meal planning were very helpful. It gave me great direction on what to make and how to plan.”

Erika before Fit 2B WedErika after Fit 2B Wed

lost 5 pounds and 3.75 inches!

“I love my arms in every picture!”

Lauren before Fit 2B WedLauren after Fit 2B Wed

lost 7lbs and 4.5 inches

Learn more about Pamela’s results here

Pamela before Fit 2B WedPamela after Fit 2B Wed

Get immediate results! Click the Buy Now button to get the program for just $99!

Program for those without sensitivity to gluten
Program with gluten-free recipes!

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